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We want to make sure that you have a healthy start with good nutrients every day. Our mission is to provide nourishment for your body with the power of organic plant-based foods. Our homemade juices are created with quality ingredients and good taste. Our juices are nutrient-dense, fresh, and convenient.

We work hard to bring you premium quality, accessible products created with your health in mind. “It’s never too late to be healthy, so let us help you have a Healthy Start Today.”


We want to support and offer a healthier and brighter lifestyle to future generations.


To make high-quality nutrition accessible and to help you have a healthy start today.


In 2020 we finally managed to consolidate the dream of two partners to have a place where you can find nutritious, healthy, organic, and delicious options.

It is time to take care of ourselves because food is a fundamental part of our lives and should become a lifestyle that is conscious of how we eat and protect our resources.

Thanks to over 20 years of experience in the food industry, his profession as a Chef and his passion for the flavors, colors, and nutrients of fruits, one of the partners was given the task of creating drinks and snacks with the vitamins nutrients our body needs. In turn, he achieved the ideal flavor to delight the palate of all those who try it. And so, after tests, study groups, and repetitions of the recipes, OMG Juice Bar was created. A place where we care about your health and the environment. At OMG, we offer you the best ingredients and think about today’s lifestyle.

Our products are organic with zero pesticides while using 100% recyclable material.